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All the #FastFurious feels in the world because of this song. 😍😍
24th March, 2018 #FastFurious
@cirstenw On Fridays Bob Rose radio show a caller explained how in "past life" he worked in federal law enforcement…
24th March, 2018
No matter where you are, whether it's a quarter mile away or a halfway across the world, you'll always be better th…
24th March, 2018
@GOP Nice try. Repubs pretend 2b fiscally responsible. You wasted millions on investigations #Benghazi;…
22nd March, 2018
I got to talk about Fast and Furious with international students for an hour today to practice vocab. #FastFurious
22nd March, 2018 #FastFurious
They’re fierce, they’re furious, they’re the warriors of #FastFurious.
22nd March, 2018 #FastFurious