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@Slate No, you’d be morbidly obese @realDonaldTrump . Which most of us can see with our eyes. Tick tock your body c… https://t.co/skK0zJYs3u
18th January, 2018
@realDonaldTrump With the policies instituted by @POTUS44 all you had to do was NOTHING and we would be at this poi… https://t.co/2LhQH27xGn
18th January, 2018
Favorite hobby: eating everyone’s leftovers in the fridge . #fatboy
18th January, 2018 #fatboy
Damnit Will you're right Im a fraud! Im losing my #FatBoy Edge https://t.co/ZfaCcL6XRm
18th January, 2018 #FatBoy