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Tonight's "Cavalcade" at 8 has classic-sounding new songs from @thejayhawks and #NickLowe. Also, the latest from… https://t.co/HQbKsMkI2B
28th May, 2018
The Magic that is Father John Misty. Incredible gig @ThePieceHall @TheOrielles were also absolutely brilliant. w/… https://t.co/m0y9euPKwf
27th May, 2018
Last night I found out that pizza isn’t the only thing Josh eats with chopsticks. #FatherJohnMisty https://t.co/wPtK1gk9Ql
27th May, 2018 #FatherJohnMisty
Retweeted Sureair (@pftumch): What a fantastic venue we have in Halifax @ThePieceHall well done @Nath_Brudenell fo… https://t.co/vfk2wzxnos
27th May, 2018