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Thanks to everyone that came out to @CentraliaFCA 5th Quarter after the big win by the Orphans #ConferenceChamps #FCA #CHS
24th February, 2018 #FCA
Jarrod Ferris and Sean Tighe busy at work filming for our friends at FCA North America. *whistles* Those are some… https://t.co/tnnyxvI1rx
24th February, 2018
Love having students step up and speak at #FCA ! Thank you to Miss Erin Wigginton for speaking the truth. "Stop jud… https://t.co/rQJqQHPcvb
24th February, 2018 #FCA
My time at @FC_Assyria has come to an end unforeseen circumstances ! Had a great time and good luck for the rest of the season 🙌⚽️ #Fca
24th February, 2018 #Fca
As you know the evidence we have suggests it's either #rbs or #Fca execs that have targeted one of the… https://t.co/eENZUfFzGE
24th February, 2018 #Fca
Ross McEwan, CEO of RBS aggressively tells C4 News that GRG’s disgraceful treatment of business customers wasn’t wi… https://t.co/luh28XEZnH
23rd February, 2018