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Small businesses that sell on #Amazon are being interviewed by the #FederalTradeCommission to determine if the onli… https://t.co/zkei1MisAn
12th September, 2019 #Amazon, #FederalTradeCommission
Equifax Offers 20 Grand Cash to American Data Breach Victims as Part of $575-$800 Million Settlement for 2017 Hack… https://t.co/IwfIdX4392
11th September, 2019
The FTC is interviewing merchants to determine whether the e-commerce giant is using its market power to hurt compe… https://t.co/VxJjKcbWlc
11th September, 2019
YouTube and Google Fined $170 Million for COPPA Violations; FTC to Investigate YouTube Channels Next ... by Kandi P… https://t.co/IiNjwgMHys
11th September, 2019
Can young viewers tell the difference between advertisements and product reviews on the popular YouTube channel Rya… https://t.co/Og13u8TkSE
9th September, 2019