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Do NOT their drivers can't read a simple address. They have misdelivered4 of my packages in the last week and a half!#FedEx
9th April, 2017
#FEDEX OVERNIGHT AVAILABLE Black Box SP513A-R2 In-Line Surge Protector, 10BASE-T RS422 RS423 #BlackBox via @eBay
9th April, 2017 #FEDEX
I'ma dolphin Will I be drugged, locked in a coffin and delivered to hell #FedEx? #BoycottFedEx #OpSeaWorld
9th April, 2017
#fedex Dream campaign a charming home run - including globalization subtext
9th April, 2017 #fedex
#FedEx delivery man instructions: 1. Pull up and slam on brakes 2. Superman punch door and slam package 3. Sprint back to truck and 🚛💨💨💨
9th April, 2017