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Weekends are the best time to relax and catch up on our reading — including the latest “Trends & Influences” from o… https://t.co/bRC4UZ6bgI
18th August, 2018
Any truth to the rumor (I started) that @TheDemocrats midterm election campaign ads will tour all the cities they r… https://t.co/DsR0cHtvA8
18th August, 2018
Don't suspend security clearances operatives like to use old operatives for information Boston Marathon shooting Or… https://t.co/k4y9WezpQm
18th August, 2018
@afneil @Jonteinspain You have got Julia Hartley-Brewer putting her penneth in and swanking that #Ferguson phoned h… https://t.co/3tu8zYSLSI
18th August, 2018 #Ferguson