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Rep. Ratliff’s imitation of #BenStein in “#FerrisBueller” was great... "Are either of you here today to assert ther… https://t.co/6liEZ86Gyh
14th November, 2019 #FerrisBueller
My best friend’s boyfriend’s sister’s mother said Ferris passed out at 31 Flavors last night. Bueller, Bueller...… https://t.co/Em0EkduCQi
13th November, 2019
"My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with… https://t.co/BTZIWlVT3G
13th November, 2019
@KristySwansonXO Is it just me or do the impeachment hearings seem to be inspired by your scene from #FerrisBuellerhttps://t.co/v5JHRzaHqA
13th November, 2019 #FerrisBueller
@TheSocialCTV 40 years of watching tampon commercials, and then we get this??? I’m reminded of the great… https://t.co/7xXnfzo5MM
13th November, 2019
Will Hyde - Shepherd, Councillor, Commentator and joint leader of the #RASCMission2019!! In his free time Will also… https://t.co/Np1pwPbv2j
13th November, 2019