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Save Ferris #tshirtdesign, mugs, phone cases, stickers and more now available in my @TeePublic store. Follow the li… https://t.co/o2fUszj47A
29th July, 2018
“Hey batta batta swing batta”, “I think I broke my thumb!” #FerrisBueller Just hanging out at the game tonight! @… https://t.co/WmKLiYn7Yu
28th July, 2018 #FerrisBueller
Today’s celebrity doppelgänger aboard @soundtransit is brought to you by #AlanRuck. I may be singing “Let my Camero… https://t.co/PWPFVVnsRP
28th July, 2018
If "Oh Yeah" by Yello is playing in your head, you may want to take a look at how this beautiful car has held up ov… https://t.co/XVTaDdbVG4
27th July, 2018
@GrillTeam fellas, in the spirit of retro round, how is this for a relevant throwback (in the voice of the teacher)… https://t.co/r5vrpsn0me
27th July, 2018
“Lincoln Loud’s Day Off”. This is like a 10 minute sketch I did based on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with Lincoln as F… https://t.co/LZRQvPbE1v
27th July, 2018