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What global warming? #FHWA: American vehicles consumed a record 71.8 billion gallons of gas in first 6 mos of 2016 https://t.co/Ds4y5NiHs2
28th October, 2016
#FHWA releases $6M in emergency funds to the Carolinas to begin repairs to roads damaged by #HurricaneMatthew https://t.co/CnufXPYcBY
25th October, 2016
Projects, Programs, the STIP, #FHWA requirements... Wondering what to do? We can help with that! https://t.co/RhDFvAAieK
21st October, 2016
With Greg Nadeau, FHWA Administrator to talk about improving Metropolitan Planning Organization #FHWA #MassDOT https://t.co/nvm6V43bd0
20th October, 2016