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@robwattsf1 @gillw72 & it's things like this that result in fans leaving the sport. How on earth can this ever be j…
22nd October, 2017
@MurtazaGeoNews @UmarCheema1 Who passed this latest Cyber Crime Bill?? Who was celebrating when @MeFixerr & likes were rounded up by #FIA.
22nd October, 2017 #FIA
I’m so annoyed at @CroftyF1 and @SkySportsF1 going on about track limits but when it comes to qually say nothing cos they all part of #fia
22nd October, 2017 #fia
@JennieGow Track limits breached and #fia to scared to penalise top teams it’s a joke
22nd October, 2017 #fia
@andrewbensonf1 Yea yea nothing about driver using track limits in false track times. Oh wait #fia don’t wan to ups…
22nd October, 2017 #fia
Also #fom #fia I want to see drivers briefings on tv instead of the pr bullshit drivers talk on the media
22nd October, 2017 #fia