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The Fisker Ocean trunk sill uses tire rubber waste that is generated during tire manufacturing! #fisker
26th February, 2020 #fisker
Beach or mountain driving! It’s versatile and sustainable, using multiple recycled materials, we will show the Fisk…
25th February, 2020
Why not a cool electric affordable SUV! Night driving in the mountains. #fisker #EVs
25th February, 2020 #fisker, #EVs
Driving footage of the Fisker Ocean coming soon. Download the Fisker App to get the first look! iOS:…
25th February, 2020
@DeepThroatIPO @BarbarianCap @dynamicvol Or a foreign company that takes the bailout and then runs back to their own country, a la #Fisker.
24th February, 2020 #Fisker
Life isn’t as beautiful without color! Which color would you prefer to get your Fisker Ocean in? #fisker
24th February, 2020 #fisker
@henrikfisker Your #Fisker Ocean EV must rely on a very inefficient drive train with that enormous front grille. Ha…
23rd February, 2020 #Fisker