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@Top_level_Ted @SteveAustinABC @abcbrisbane Since when have people had to break the law to be nabbed by the cops? #Fitzgerald
12th April, 2018 #Fitzgerald
"In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever…
11th April, 2018
What if 93 years ago today, #Fitzgerald’s unforgettable masterpiece featured a woman in the titular role?🎇…
11th April, 2018 #Fitzgerald
Great photograph and I always think of Scott and Zelda F. when I'm at the Plaza Hotel. But I've waited for many an…
10th April, 2018
All I want is to read #Hemingway and #Fitzgerald whilst laying in a hammock at the lake but clearly it's too much to ask. #fuckoffwinter
10th April, 2018 #Hemingway, #Fitzgerald
@MrsWoody_SHHS @SpringHillHS1 A real rager at Gatby’s house with all the elements that are sure the please like, ro…
10th April, 2018