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Why use #FlexFuel? Check out @YELLOW_HOSE's video & visit @FlexFuelForward to learn why! Jump on the bandwagon! https://t.co/26JraVh0s0
11th September, 2017
@FoxNews Glad my Truck can use #FlexFuel. Its $1.88 per gallon or $1.85 when I use my fuel stations rewards card. S… https://t.co/nYdz8X4jdd
9th September, 2017
Unleaded is $2.55/gal E-85 is $1.99/gal So happy I have a #FlexFuel vehicle.
8th September, 2017
Too bad most Americans don't understand the benefits of #FlexFuelhttps://t.co/b8pAtWrjQH
8th September, 2017