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Complying w/the #RFS now requires increasing sales of #E85 gas, which contains up to 85% ethanol. E85 can only be u… https://t.co/b9RIQE1uGE
14th February, 2018
@NJTPA The push for natural gas passenger vehicles is pretty much over. NJ needs to get on the stick and support th… https://t.co/LObymAASai
13th February, 2018
There's still time to submit your photo entries for the #HiOctaneSociety photo contest! Get yours in by Feb. 15th f… https://t.co/4pqPWFOoLz
10th February, 2018
Wondering why retailers start selling flex fuels and E15? This short movie helps answer that question:… https://t.co/sJNyBgLTFi
10th February, 2018
Ready to flex fuel this year? Our friends at the @fuelfreedomnow has a list of the top ten coolest MY2018 flex fuel… https://t.co/CKVThVZkcl
8th February, 2018
GTR is ready to go. Next step, time for a tune. Can't wait to see what this puts down. @extremeturbosystemshttps://t.co/TgInFgjD8u
8th February, 2018
Some people might assume all #flexfuel vehicles were Yukons and Silverados and such behemoths. But there's a great… https://t.co/qFc3TNy7zY
7th February, 2018 #flexfuel