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The JaMoto Fleet. May not be the prettiest or the fastest, but the team goes strong. #JaMoto #JamisonMotorsports
9th December, 2018
Car is needing a wash... Again. But there's something about a filthy car that makes it look cool. Or just me? 😎…
8th December, 2018
It’s a new moon 🌙⭐️🌑 Set your intentions today for the next 2 weeks and refocus on your dreams! #newmoon #moon
7th December, 2018
GT28 on a Focus ST Before: E tune with another company 359 whp / 354 wtq After: BTR dyno tune 388whp / 390wtq…
6th December, 2018
Here it is! Feast your eyes on the new Focus ST – leaked images show just what you can look forward to 😍 Catch up…
6th December, 2018
Stage3 Ford Focus ST Dyno Test [Dynamometer // How Much Horsepower?] S5:11 Mils Garage #YouTubeChannel
6th December, 2018