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The new 2017 #FordRaptor can reach up to 450 Hp & 510 lb-ft of torque with its 10 speed transmission. Learn more:
19th October, 2016 #FordRaptor
I love me some #FordRaptor challenges. This truck is tooooo awesome! #OctaneAcademy
19th October, 2016 #FordRaptor
Im so ready for the new #FordRaptor. Expect them around the end of november guys.
18th October, 2016 #FordRaptor
The 2017 #FordRaptor will arrive with a 23% improvement in fuel economy from the 2014 model. Check it out!
15th October, 2016 #FordRaptor
Price gouging, 2017 #Fordraptor 10k over MSRP? Owned 7 fords latest a 2014 Raptor. Customer loyalty dead. Greed reigns supreme @Ford
14th October, 2016 #Fordraptor