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@GenRickDeMarco I say #God has a sense of humor Idiots, What JUDGE signs D.A. That #Forged signature led…
17th November, 2017 #Forged
Finished the leather sheath for this Field knife. Blade is forge welded 1095 and Nickel about 9” overall. #knife
17th November, 2017
@JackPosobiec @SONSOFLlBERTY Can someone PLEASE look at the y in all of @MooreSenate signatures! Very different! #forged
16th November, 2017 #forged
Apparently the VVEL is designed so well in the VQ37VHR motor that intake cams don't need to be upgraded nor could i…
16th November, 2017
WOW all these accusations falling apart🤭 🔹Yearbook autograph #Forged 🔺Banning Of Mall👉🏻 #False 🔺Another Roy Moore 👇🏻
16th November, 2017 #Forged