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@DrJillStein Michigan uses only PAPER BALLOTS, and Philadelphia uses OLD MACHINES. Stop defrauding the American peo…
27th November, 2016
@DrJillStein Are you rewriting history now, just as you want to steal the WIN from #PresidentElectTrump?…
27th November, 2016
It's the troubles of youth once again, in today's edition of the Eternal #Frankenstein read-a-thon. @WordHorde
27th November, 2016 #Frankenstein
If Lily had been with Snape=Igor Frankenstein.Harry Potter wearing a purple tux&a Snape-do.Yup,that'll do…
26th November, 2016
they created him, and now the media will destroy him...BBC News - How will the US media cover Trump? #frankenstein
26th November, 2016 #frankenstein