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FREE Gas Connector Hose when you buy any StarkCook® Fryer! What are you waiting for? Call Now (305) 477-7798 or vi…
13th August, 2019
A recent trip to David Lloyd's resulted in us installing a stunning and functional new fryer. #fryer #davidlloyds
13th August, 2019 #fryer
In the mood for some crispy deep fried chicken or french fries? The Sonashi Deep Fryer is all you need to make the…
13th August, 2019
Looking after your fryer is easy when you know how - our friend @FalconDevChef shows you how:…
12th August, 2019
When you are a global superstar, even deep fried food looks glamorous in your presence. #fishandchips #fish #and
11th August, 2019
CVap® foccacia and pizza bread with Collectramatic® fried twinkies and oreos! Is this heaven? 😍 #fried #pizza
8th August, 2019
Explore our August sale products at our live store : Get awesome discount and many more!!!…
8th August, 2019
Check out Our Sales Associate Jason demonstrating or Special of the Week ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ #restaurantindustry #catering
7th August, 2019 #catering