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Balancing our constitutional duty of #FreedomOfSpeech & keep safe campus is the hallmark of great #Researchhttps://t.co/2D9Cr4rOOJ
19th August, 2017
If tomorrow's front page of @TheAlligator isn't "No Fuchs Given" we have failed this great nation. Am i right @PresidentFuchs? #uf #fuchs
17th August, 2017 #fuchs
It took you long enough #Fuchs, my alma mater is better than this @uf, hate speech is more than safety, it's human… https://t.co/PPfOLvSjTs
16th August, 2017 #Fuchs
We have invested in a Fuchs MHL360 as a frontline machine for loading ferrous export shipments around the world.… https://t.co/WmJH57EGR5
15th August, 2017