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happy birthday to my actual day 1, got so much love for u hope you have an amazing sweet 16 sis💍👯❣️#amigascheetahshttps://t.co/0JaxgyVsEj
8th June, 2017
Waiting for the @dogsinasippycup return. Someone and Faygo Dreams have been on replay all day. #Fuego https://t.co/NjQyGXL0ee
8th June, 2017 #Fuego
People in Manhattan just learning about Sugarfish now, been on that place for 2 months. #fuego
8th June, 2017 #fuego
At 5PST! All new @EdenandJaxx !! Everything #Latinx & Hola Mexico Film Festival🇲🇽🙌🏽🔥 #Fuego https://t.co/FEazTVNwr2
8th June, 2017 #Fuego