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Bully @realDonaldTrump is furious @NancyPelosi isn’t falling for his political games He was banking on #primetime t… https://t.co/L4cILJtpiU
18th January, 2019 #primetime
you know what? @fordnation @ontariopcparty FUCK YOU!!! First you lower the price for ODSP now you make it impossibl… https://t.co/85jIWH4ezH
17th January, 2019
I wonder if you know, How they live in #Tokyo, If you seen it then you mean it Then you know you have to go. #Fasthttps://t.co/ZHinvYyP4P
17th January, 2019 #Tokyo
@TalkTalk I am sick of my disabled mother bring left with no internet and customer service cutting the phone calls… https://t.co/eisezj16Sv
17th January, 2019
@irnbru what have you done ruined the one thing we all looked forward to when we had a hangover hope your looking t… https://t.co/IuAJo8vTLZ
17th January, 2019
@Seagate I purchased a 2TB external hard drive last week for my PS4. Everything was all fine and dandy until right… https://t.co/g1qjImXHJx
17th January, 2019
@krassenstein I'm livid over the sanctions, full stop. The refusal to vote to open the government is just gasoline… https://t.co/5OK7I6bTgL
17th January, 2019
I'm #furious at the moment. I take the @SCTBus to go to work but it seems to be #unreliable for such things. The bu… https://t.co/amKHTElFqR
17th January, 2019 #furious