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@gcramer30 @krassenstein I am so LIVID right now over THIS comment by the #MoronInChief that I could spit nails! Ah… https://t.co/MuJvKfX1PI
22nd February, 2018
Do you have a cold or the flu? Use this guide to help determine! #Fast #Furious https://t.co/TNtJSEiFLC
22nd February, 2018 #Furious
@StagecoachSE Still looking for an answer to my tweet this morning. My son has come home and is still fuming about… https://t.co/vUxmSE39My
22nd February, 2018
💀FURIOUS: Gods of Chaos MC, Book Seven💀 By @HoneyPalomino Follow link ➡️⬇️ https://t.co/eCe72MYDh7 #coverrevealhttps://t.co/sQUt4guEpE
22nd February, 2018