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An absolute scam @flybe allowed to bring hand luggage through at Manchester and allowed to check in with it at Aber… https://t.co/FDhqYYuJB3
24th March, 2019
Hold up. I thought MPs voted against deal because it wasn't right for UK, not just to screw with the PM. complete p… https://t.co/Nqx2QzTNxi
24th March, 2019
@bbc5live WHO IS THIS GUY to suggest I as a leave voter I did not understand what I was doing back then! #furious
24th March, 2019 #furious
Guess who wont be taking trips to the barber shop with me till he about 5-7ishh??? #furious
23rd March, 2019 #furious
This is the most disheartening, disgusting thing I have read in a long time. Shame on those parents. Shame on that… https://t.co/ZmVTgYYgIe
23rd March, 2019
The fast and #furious on second aid #station, They’ll look #course together at nine trail #race Santa Barbara.… https://t.co/0WBB62scPJ
23rd March, 2019 #furious, #race