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@UniversalPics why would you put the extended version of #Furious8 only on Digital copies ???
16th August, 2017 #Furious8
Every time I see a Fast & Furious movie and someone fucks with family😈 #fastandfurious #Furious8 https://t.co/tIjdclzsia
14th August, 2017 #Furious8
Don't get why they keep making enemies into allies, but love seeing Jason Statham whoopin ass & being a good guy. #Furious8
14th August, 2017 #Furious8
#Furious8 was great. Halfway through I didn't think it'd be AS good as the others, but my opinion changed by the end. Miss Paul tho.
14th August, 2017 #Furious8