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21st May, 2018 #blog
Three hundred years ago, Jean-Jacques Rousseau described how inequality makes us unhappy, and what the consequences… https://t.co/bScGFK2fG9
20th May, 2018
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18th May, 2018
Strike! Stefan Collini on strikes and the ‘political role’ of universities. What are universities for? @LRBhttps://t.co/FXV6DvYY6x
16th May, 2018
Our very own David Runciman on how the education divide – those who have a degree and those who do not – is the maj… https://t.co/FvMbCD4ELU
15th May, 2018
Could universities be on the front line of future political discontent? Do too many people go to university?… https://t.co/mmSbSGW0HU
14th May, 2018
Has the purpose of universities changed? When the proportion of the population who attends rises from 5 per cent to… https://t.co/ZmUPcqg87e
13th May, 2018