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How about a sequel where Auntie Entity and Senator Furiousa are engaged in a wasteland cold war as they try to rema… https://t.co/Mmj4YTZuLi
14th July, 2020
Amazing that there are people still fighting masks and social distancing, and now are crying over the new restricti… https://t.co/YGcsgLvhN1
14th July, 2020
The porn version of #FuryRoad will star a bisexual impenator named Curiosa.
13th July, 2020 #FuryRoad
From #AtomicBlonde to #FuryRoad, Charlize Theron has carved out a career unlike any in Hollywood. Go inside the sta… https://t.co/NrREQsDiqP
13th July, 2020 #FuryRoad
#DateNight during the pandemic. Just showed my babes the awesomeness that is #TheRoadWarrior and now on to #MadMaxhttps://t.co/ogIXSiKnaj
13th July, 2020 #MadMax
#MadMaxFuryRoad is so crazy and so damn fun. Those car chase scenes are top notch quality. Very underrated movie.… https://t.co/i2suc8UrGz
13th July, 2020
Hubs has decided to watch Mad Max: Fury Road. Guess I'm not getting anything else done this afternoon.🤷‍♀️… https://t.co/cu8uk2slzW
12th July, 2020