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@jacquisneal And to think there are militias filled wit terrorists like him all over the country. It feels like its… https://t.co/hpYvfmlZ2h
16th October, 2018
Photo from #WastelandWeekend taken by Mike Owen I can't wait to go back to the desert next year! #postapocalypitichttps://t.co/6WeX3r8EJX
15th October, 2018
@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN could you please share this with your friend George Miller? I hope he'll enjoy it. #MadMaxhttps://t.co/CN0PCaoral
15th October, 2018 #MadMax
innuendostudios: "After four months of work, my video essay Bringing Back What’s Stolen: Fury Road and the Avenging… https://t.co/eb9G3k1pHD
15th October, 2018