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@HudsonHSLT FUTURE DAY IS WEDNESDAY! Lots of guests! Lots of fun! Presents for students who are on time to school!… https://t.co/AXNohU0mQL
17th May, 2017
FUTURE DAY IS WEDNESDAY! Thank you to the many students who stayed until 6pm to help make @HudsonHSLT look magical!… https://t.co/zqRqXrWlEe
17th May, 2017
I hope we have wonderful weather during #FutureDay. But I hope it begins to rain on us soon as he sings Damage and Use Me
16th May, 2017 #FutureDay
#FutureDay a holiday for us misfits and scumbags. Only right to go full out for it
14th May, 2017 #FutureDay
'GREAT SCOTT!' We're going Into the Future today at CityKidz! #Citykidzhamilton #futureday https://t.co/M7x82I2Tjw
13th May, 2017 #futureday