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Even more reason to design for online first: "E-commerce will account for 24% of global chain retail sales in 2020" #design #futureretail
21st October, 2016 #futureretail
This revolutionary robot scans store shelves to make sure customers don't leave empty handed… https://t.co/NK662mKM7K
20th October, 2016
This revolutionary robot watches #grocery store shelves so you don't leave empty-handed: https://t.co/H4936lpvzchttps://t.co/Pb12dgD01N
17th October, 2016
The offer which was mentioned that "Buy 2 and Get 1" for 1.75 Ltr (Thumsup, Fanta, Linka, Coke). #fakeofferhttps://t.co/03WVtDf8rt
16th October, 2016