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#showerthoughts: when you get on the collective (the go-up control) in a helicopter they tend to torque steer, requ… https://t.co/pXFcWzXgLC
12th September, 2018
@LouDPhillips just saw the preview for next week's #FWD...looks like you got one heck of an episode to direct. Excited to see it!
12th September, 2018 #FWD
@Babarose86 Oh, I've been meaning to tell you. I LOVE your YouTube intro to #FWD reactions!! I love the montage of… https://t.co/r57V3KcSla
11th September, 2018 #FWD
@AshVerma111 What about paid analysts who most of the times go wrong.Even they follow some fraudulent rules by buyi… https://t.co/7CDtd1IbGB
11th September, 2018
Watch this 1850bhp Honda Civic set front-wheel-drive 1/4 mile world record https://t.co/Zlv5HrkFq6 via @DRIVETRIBEhttps://t.co/gXwGRPt1OQ
11th September, 2018
So Clayton, aka “Polar Bear,” & the “Filthy Woman” were defiantly husband & wife, right? @MaggieGrace @DebnamCareyhttps://t.co/amBsAiQbAY
10th September, 2018
Watch the full speech of Ms. Jacqueline Cheung in Mediazone's Smart City 2018 forum on "Innovation Journey in the S… https://t.co/WClmk1PSdF
10th September, 2018
there sure are an awful lot of high $$, charged up walkies in the zombie apocalypse #fearthewalkingdead #fwd
10th September, 2018 #fwd