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I've been experimenting with the Garmin IQ SDK. I just need a ride to test it out. My latitude and Longitude, Cafe…
19th February, 2018
Like a first breath after a coma. Feels 90% there and it feels damn good. . . #recovery #canarywharf #kpmg
19th February, 2018
@hortbum @CogRailway Not sure on the phone. I use a Garmin Forerunner 310XT that gives me real time pace and 1 mile…
19th February, 2018
@Garmin can’t believe my 1year & 2week old #Garmin #vivioactivehr has leaked whilst swimming & now will not work! 😡
19th February, 2018 #Garmin
Just finished a Run on Strava for 1 hour, 3 minutes, 18 seconds going 11745.3m. #strava #garmin #keepgoing
19th February, 2018 #garmin
Evening run took me past Masjid En-Naeem. Always, always humbling and calming. On a side note, I can still drop a…
19th February, 2018