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This is what blows me away: Publisher Gordon Forgey and my first editor, Jerry Jones, are still up to their elbows…
11th March, 2018
Sorry for the #Gazette spam but aasddfghj I'm so excited bc of the new Release 😭💕
11th March, 2018 #Gazette
Everyone checkout #gazette brand new song #falling x , out now enjoy its such a awesome song ! 😘👄
11th March, 2018 #gazette, #falling
Everybody check out #gazette brand new song #falling x , which is out now ! Enjoy ! 😘💀
11th March, 2018 #gazette, #falling
Iowans benefit from GOP tax cuts and reform - The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines #gazette
11th March, 2018 #gazette
The Atlantic County Library's Hammonton Branch was a hub of creative expression today during @NJMakersDay 2018. Sto…
11th March, 2018
This is literally me atm. I just can't get enough of ''Falling''. Some people are complaining about the song. But…
10th March, 2018
The #Gazette new MV "FALLING" have a slight feeling that they can't get away from "Ugly" & DOGMA. I love the urge t…
10th March, 2018 #Gazette