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She's running away from the meat industry but the police can't make it through A DAY without a mcdeadcow + greasy p…
18th September, 2017
Can I be both liberal and conservative? I believe everything in this world takes hard work but if someone needs help I'm happy to do it #GDI
16th September, 2017 #GDI
When you order your supps right before all the olympia weekend sales come on 😐🙃 #gdi
16th September, 2017 #gdi
The pinnacle of weekends has arrived #GDI
16th September, 2017 #GDI
Paweena Saewong, Atid Phomphai, & Sylvie Ranty won today's #GDIPremiumLottery for Monday's signups! #GDI 🌐 #NetworkMarketing 😄🤝😄
15th September, 2017 #GDI