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@MariahPinkitty The '' #GEEKSQUAD" is pretty good , I dont think you would have to leave it for a day , coz it can be done in a few hours ☑
2nd September, 2018 #GEEKSQUAD
@SeanandBoShow Shawn is that fat #GeekSquad dude who shows up at your place to restart your Comcast Internet server #JungleInsults
2nd September, 2018 #GeekSquad
Best part about the first game day for college football is all the social media athletic departments and teams put out. #GeekSquad
1st September, 2018 #GeekSquad
Be A Cool Nerd! 😎 ⭐️ Sale ending TODAY at the shop! ⭐️ 20% off Bookmarks! 📚 10% off Writer’s Worksheets! ✍️ Come ov…
31st August, 2018