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More 100 years after its founding, iconic automaker #GeneralMotors announced Dhivya Suryadevara as its new chief fi…
17th June, 2018 #GeneralMotors
S/o to @Lids and @NewEraCap for bringing the heat🔥all year long for the 2018 @tigers @DetroitRedWings @Lions
17th June, 2018
GM is turning all new cars into rolling podcast listening destinations. Listen to COOL THINGS ENTREPRENEURS DO whi…
16th June, 2018
#Resist Be strong..anticipate the silence when #SWAMPY's tweets come to an end ..when he is in jail with his #MAGA
16th June, 2018
#GM becomes first major auto company in history to have a female CEO and a female CFO #WomenEmpowerment #womenontop
16th June, 2018