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Test ride the king of the streets and see why it lives up to the title for yourself. #aarushsuzuki #SuzukiIndia
19th June, 2019 #SuzukiIndia
Have to say it's like coming home after a hard day, it's like pulling on that favourite pair of gloves, wearing the…
18th June, 2019
From city riding in traffic to serious sports riding, the innovative Suzuki Oil Cooling System is specially designe…
18th June, 2019
You don't know how good you are until you actually get out on a bike and get riding. 🏍️♥️💯 #blue #suzuki #gixxer
15th June, 2019 #suzuki, #gixxer
❣ The only thing in the world never made me upset Being a friend who is available for 24×7 #gixxer Mission Falcon🔰
13th June, 2019 #gixxer