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If the vibe frequency of the planet is going up, which it is very quickly, it means the light is winning. We are…
11th December, 2019
Back in the day when your TV only had channel 2-4-5-7-9-11-13 #GoldenAge
11th December, 2019 #GoldenAge
True happiness is true self-expression.💛 When you're truly yourself that's when you're truly happy.💛 And you can…
10th December, 2019
@ScottAdamsSays this is what you get during a #GoldenAge - fat, smug, corrupt government.
10th December, 2019 #GoldenAge
@ZiaErica @ScottAdamsSays You ever see Trump get angry? He get's 10%. Slow to anger.😉 Once we're past…
10th December, 2019