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So has anyone else been asked new retail money for their used #golfgte just because you can’t now order them??…
6th January, 2018 #golfgte
@LordPatLewis @UKVolkswagen Count yourself lucky pal. Some of us are on tenterhooks waiting to see whether our orde…
5th January, 2018
@UKVolkswagen disappointed that my #golfgte is delayed again! 6 months wait for a #VW ordered 6th October 2107??? #notgoodenough
5th January, 2018 #golfgte, #VW
Thanks @AndeanSigns for another great job. Our new cars look the business! #golfgte
5th January, 2018 #golfgte
@UKVolkswagen When you keep hoping this will change to stage 3 😣 11 weeks of 'with the factory'. #golfgte
5th January, 2018 #golfgte
If we carry on at current rate of global warming all the corals in the sea will be gone by the end of the century.…
1st January, 2018
@vwpress_en does this car have the same door locks as the #golfgte ? U know, the ones that freeze at -2 and stop you from closing the doors?
30th December, 2017 #golfgte
@VWGroup @vwpress_en Golf GTE ordered 15th Nov 2017 build date amended to 30th June 2018 what’s gone wrong?…
29th December, 2017