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@jeffdotseth @turkofiles I hear Green and Chacin are currently mowing Rizzo's lawn. #GoodGuys
21st June, 2017
Watched these two for years on CTV when I lived in Montreal. Best of luck to them both. #GoodGuys
21st June, 2017
@GOP Nope! U religious old MAFIA Cabals Version2.0 R not #goodguys nor #wiseguys, just a bunch of mentally ill dege…
21st June, 2017 #goodguys
The imaginary "god" is all religious terrorists as #Donald .@GOP ISIS+ #Tensing favorite excuses to kill others&bel…
21st June, 2017 #Donald
TIL: The reason Saran wrap sucks now is because they removed a harmful ingredient knowing it would hurt sales. #goodguys
21st June, 2017 #goodguys
Russian jet 'came within several feet' of US plane - ABC News - via @ABC - be safe US #GoodGuys
20th June, 2017
Driver killed in Tesla self-driving car crash ignored warnings,NTSB reports via @usatoday-I did warn ya'll #GoodGuys
20th June, 2017
@BobPapa_NFL I was able to spend my birthday with Jim Kelly eight years ago didn't even talk football just life and family etc #goodguys
20th June, 2017 #goodguys
#Goodguys Well i would say that wouldn't I but please have a look and give us some feedback??
20th June, 2017 #Goodguys