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When the dudes you look up to don't agree on things. Guess I'll have to be as cute as #jacksepticeye with… https://t.co/RQ8122RhFC
23rd May, 2018
Gordon and David looked all dressed up! Maybe they will be appearing in the next Episode of How Bout This? Do you h… https://t.co/2YYmH1eK6Q
23rd May, 2018
I wake up every morning to four gorgeous little darling dogs, who I just love and adore so much! There's no greater… https://t.co/iIPBaA5qAy
23rd May, 2018
Listen to Gordon Ramsay go on a rant is freakin HILARIOUS #KITCHENNIGHTMARES #gordonramsay
23rd May, 2018 #gordonramsay
I made poached eggs with mushrooms today and strutted around thinking I was Gordon Ramsay... whole meal toast as w… https://t.co/BK07tApAzr
22nd May, 2018