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Sunny 1 hr ago, now 17F+26mph winds. I can barely hold on to my phone to film the bear approaching!… https://t.co/JUqEwXnDS9
5th December, 2016
#FBF 2me trying 2vid this #IncrediblyTough terrain from inside my buggy. Built w used fire engine parts, it’s a bou… https://t.co/fgSB2Oec9v
2nd December, 2016
Meet the HTC 10 evo. Its metal unibody and 5.5" Gorilla Glass 5 display make it all-terrain tough. #HTC10evohttps://t.co/1OApCIMxhK
1st December, 2016
The #HTC10evo made it to the edge of the arctic to get up close and personal with polar bears. #IncrediblyToughhttps://t.co/TGORrzug2L
1st December, 2016
Can’t get over how they aren’t cold in this #IncrediblyTough weather, cuz I can’t go outside. Used my #GorillaGlasshttps://t.co/lBy59LfDlg
30th November, 2016 #GorillaGlass
Baited with seal meat (or me!), polar bear traps are placed around Churchill to catch problem bears.… https://t.co/3ueKx7CCD5
29th November, 2016
Nothing but happy barks and crunching snow (and 🌬😁). Watch the vid on my FB page: https://t.co/BH3Mvr0QEwhttps://t.co/hKxqdjOmWq
29th November, 2016
Wow! My Moto G4 phone just survived completely unscathed, a face down free-fall onto a concrete pavement. #GORILLAGLASS #motorola
28th November, 2016 #GORILLAGLASS