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Sowerby was, in fact, the first clergyman in #Goulburn, and his 1868 appointment as Dean was literally a surprise p… https://t.co/BhQlt2FX62
3rd September, 2018 #Goulburn
31 August 1799: birth (Castle Sowerby, Cumberland UK) of William Sowerby, first Dean of St Saviour's Cathedral… https://t.co/GROGWQcbcB
3rd September, 2018
Waterfind - Water Allocations announced today. NSW allocations unchanged. VIC #Goulburn HR ↑ 9% to 56%, #Murray HR… https://t.co/jeeq2Oymum
3rd September, 2018 #Goulburn, #Murray
Had a great day yesterday speaking at the Goulburn Multicultural Centre. I was blessed to hear from people from dif… https://t.co/JY9wJJmGJ2
1st September, 2018
Find out what it takes to become a volunteer wildlife rescuer with WIRES https://t.co/hpyzRs9iHr Workshops schedule… https://t.co/ZyeUg52CPp
1st September, 2018