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For those who are wondering if Laguna Seca will be coming to the update soon? Fortunately, the last race of the sea…
15th December, 2019
Them: Gran Turismo is a realistic driving game simulator with some of the most iconic sports ca- Me: #GranTurismo
15th December, 2019 #GranTurismo
@Kaz_Yamauchi Thank You! Please add Citroen Xsara VTS in this game PLEASE!! @Kaz_Yamauchi @PFTsai #GTSport
14th December, 2019
Getting a bit BMW-y in Gran Turismo Sport again. Bonus points if you know which track and which part of it the pict…
14th December, 2019
Had a few days break, come back and get that @Lazarus Audi R8 up into Rank 1 on @thegranturismo :D! I think a .5 is…
14th December, 2019