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And I really don't have any answers for that. It's just so complex, it's like the #greatRecession also crashed the myth we were living in.
23rd October, 2016 #greatRecession
@bratNvet Hedid leave it in good shape when he left office 13 years ago, can't be held responsible for what happened since. #greatrecession
22nd October, 2016 #greatrecession
23 states will provide less funding for #schools in 2017 than when the #greatrecession hit in 2008. #education #budget
22nd October, 2016 #greatrecession
If history is any guide, Republicans will deny they had anything to do with Trump being the Republican nominee…
22nd October, 2016
The #greatrecession was 8 years ago, and while some people predict a comeback, I think it will be awhile before we see anything like that
22nd October, 2016 #greatrecession