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.@Ford’s first all-electric vehicle will have over 300 miles of range via @ElectrekCo #Greencars #EVs
25th May, 2017 #Greencars, #EVs
Electric cars produce no tailpipe emissions, reduce our dependency on oil, and are cheaper to operate.…
25th May, 2017
Ev's get their power from rechargeable batteries installed inside the car. They have more batteries than normal gas…
24th May, 2017
In an HEV the internal combustion engine is used for highway driving, and the electric is used for town and suburba…
23rd May, 2017
What will make @Ford competitive is smaller trucks! More #GreenCars! The public need fuel efficiency! via @Reuters
23rd May, 2017 #GreenCars
Is this hydrogen fuel-cell Chevy the future of military propulsion? #GreenCars
22nd May, 2017 #GreenCars