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More #EGVI & #GreenCars projects presented at EMIRI workshop on nanotech & materials. Many promising results to thi…
24th February, 2017 #GreenCars
Hybrid cars are sometimes mistakenly confused with electric vehicles. An electric car is powered exclusively by ele…
23rd February, 2017
37% of Norway's new cars are electric and they expect it to be 100% by 8 years. #greencars
23rd February, 2017 #greencars
Did you know that an electric car requires less maintenance than a regular car? That's one of its great attractions…
23rd February, 2017
In an HEV the internal combustion engine is used for highway driving, and the electric is used for town and suburban driving. #GreenCars
22nd February, 2017 #GreenCars
Did you know that the #Toyota's 2016 Prius is the 4th generation of the world's best selling hybrid? #GreenCars
16th February, 2017 #Toyota, #GreenCars