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Awesome weather ☀️ in #Boston, had the chance to take a walk at lunch. May be time to trim the beard 🧔. #boston
20th February, 2018 #Boston, #boston
The fourth studio wall - ‘Green Way (June)’. 100 superimposed photos on dibond. 80x60 cm. Available from my studio…
20th February, 2018
@MichaelRingFG the idea of linking the western Greenway to the western way from Ballicorrick to @BallyBelderig need…
20th February, 2018
Andre Farnier, the face behind Greenway, York's eco friendly cleaning company. Call 07771605923 to book. #Greenway
20th February, 2018 #Greenway
Today I tabled a petition calling on the government to provide sunshade over a playground at #laketuggeranong
20th February, 2018
Open space grant: $17,550, 19.52 acres. "Second parcel submitted under this program to develop a 100-acre interconn…
20th February, 2018
#pondpark Street Association will be at #greenway shops at 9am to talk about how to keep an eye on those nearby who…
19th February, 2018 #greenway