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A big sign of adulthood: since your parents no longer schedule your doctor's appt, you don't go and just hope you don't die #adulting #grown
18th February, 2017
I treat unfamiliar toddlers who are "rude, but know better" with the same level of disrespect. #sorrynotsorry #needtobepopped #grown
17th February, 2017
😂😂 💯 And like my mom always tells me, school cost you too much to lose it all over some dumb, bum bitch! 😘👍🏼…
17th February, 2017
😶 54.1 😶 17.4 😵 16.9 😊 8.9 #looking #grown North Koreas trade with China has grown tenfold in 15 years.
17th February, 2017 #looking