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This is outrageous! Paging Aldous Huxley and George Orwell. Laser jammer Range Rover driver who gave police the fin…
24th April, 2018
#GTH OVER IT! AND GTH OUT OF AMERICA ! Angry Migrants Boil in Rage After They Are Forced to Clean Their Own Toilets
24th April, 2018 #GTH
The #Democrat Parties true plan has been to overthrow a duly elected President & the will of the people. If you can…
23rd April, 2018
Check out VTG Mercury Celebrity Cruises OSFA snapback baseball hat cap blue #GTH #BaseballCap via @eBay
23rd April, 2018 #GTH
You duffers sermonize and don't respect individual choice so boycotting you from now on #GTH
22nd April, 2018 #GTH