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Standard 12 hour day of craziness, wrapping things up before ten days off. Good thing I've got @GlastoFest and Portugal next #gtd #AndChill
21st June, 2017 #gtd
@gtd_italia Best of luck with the seminar! I attended the Level 1 course in Dallas, TX in 2015. Before that, I felt…
21st June, 2017
Alex Barker is the man who walks the “I don’t #procrastinate” talk like it’s no one’s business. #purpose #gtd
21st June, 2017 #gtd
A4: I am defo not a black belt (or anywhere near) re #GTD but I can defo see if all your thoughts in a system then easier 2b agile #pkmchat
21st June, 2017 #GTD
A3: reminded of @gtdguy's "mind like water" re being highly responsive to what comes your way, may be the ultimate agility #gtd #pkmchat
21st June, 2017 #gtd