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What a finish for the @BlackSticks at the @FOHHawkesBay winning 3-0! A great final goal from Olivia @liv_merry @GryphonHockeyNZ #GTeam
9th April, 2017 #GTeam
Thanks to the Guys and Gals at @LogitechG for the sweet New gear, I'll definitely be putting these to good use over…
7th April, 2017
Huge thanks to @LogitechG for the care package, happy to be part of the #GTeam
7th April, 2017 #GTeam
HOLY CRAP GUYS! Massive shoutout to @LogitechG for the insane hookup! #Gteam for life!
6th April, 2017 #Gteam
Shout out to Luscious Marshall and Colton Bentz who are both GRINDING to the wire! Who else is still showing? Post @GTEAM! #UNITED #GTEAM
6th April, 2017 #UNITED, #GTEAM