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Amazing day on GTP placement at @YsgolYDeri today - so much professional guidance, support and advice given from a…
21st May, 2018
The results from this year's @GrBhamChambers #GTP month are revealed! Investing in #leadership and #people manageme…
21st May, 2018 #GTP
#GTP I initiated this campaign 2 years ago because I believe people are the heart of any successful organisation. I…
21st May, 2018 #GTP
380 come wit a beam jawn but I need a extendy #gtp
19th May, 2018 #gtp
I'm shooting a music video today and the ideas and the way i wanna post edit this entire thing has me so fucking excited. #GTP
19th May, 2018 #GTP
It has been an absolute privilege to join Class 5 for 3 days at @YsgolHenFelin - what a compassionate, nurturing an…
18th May, 2018
No more locked doors. #GTP on the up and up get your photoshoots while we still only charging $1 a pic
18th May, 2018 #GTP
Snuck over at lunch to love on our boys. Leaving O's classroom and I hear his teacher tell him, "you're special!" L…
17th May, 2018