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@johannfrank! Missed you, but Ben? rocked the stage again!! Hope to one day catch you soon with @eastofeli. #GuitarHero #EoExperience
6th August, 2017 #GuitarHero
Play me Slayer's Raining Blood & Megadeth's Hangar 18 on Expert, & I'll probably marry you... throw in Beast & the Harlot, too 😍 #GuitarHero
6th August, 2017 #GuitarHero
There's something to be said about adding some martial arts to your air guitar hero antics
6th August, 2017
Catching up with 'evening with @MarkKnopfler' on @SkyArts and its basically Mark laying it down, casually sat on a stool #guitarhero
5th August, 2017 #guitarhero
Check out Two PlayStation 3 Guitar Hero Guitars- Red Aerosmith And Sunburst #GuitarHero via @eBay
5th August, 2017 #GuitarHero