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@MatPatGT Ouch, sounds tough bring you, tou giant stress ball. #gumball look it up
18th January, 2018 #gumball
[NEW] The Amazing World of Gumball S06E05 - The One (SNEAK PEEK PREVIEW + LEAKED IMAGES) #TheAmazingWorldOfGumball
18th January, 2018 When is #Gumball ending? Sure will be sad. Since this is their 2nd most aired show. Wonder…
18th January, 2018 #Gumball
Teresa Gallagher’s performance in #Gumball’s The Choices has been nominated for a British Animation Award:…
18th January, 2018 #Gumball
Thank you @cartoonnetwork! Just when I’m just on the verge of throwing the TV out of the window watching this disas…
16th January, 2018